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About Us

Our online shop was since 2012 in Dalian, China. At the beginning, we mainly collected vintage coffee grinders and filters, providing restoring  services. Later, we started to sell coffee equipments online. We mainly sell on Taobao in China. The shop has a complete set of coffee equipments. This website is targeted at global shipments. All goods are shipped from China.

About DM Grind

We designed our first hand grinder brand DM Grind One in 2017.

Unlike most other hand grinder at the time, our grinder burr set is designed and manufacted independently.


In the 2019 World Aeropress Competition, Chinese player Clay won the second place with DM 1.


DM Grind 2, which came out later, was also the choice of many competitors, and obtained excellent results for many times.


At present, we are planning the next product of grinder.

Our Brands

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